singing circles

join us for an afternoon of singing, laughter, fun & connection


Did you know that listening to music can help our emotions feel heard and soothed when we find that “right” song on the radio? Singing these songs  increases the benefit of music exponentially by shifting our vibrational energy, physically & emotionally, using the internal (your voice) & external sound (the group's voice). 


this is for you if:

  • you love to sing in the car, in the kitchen, while getting ready to out.
  • you want to sing more but you don't think you're very good
  • would love to join a choir but don't have the free time to commit
  • would love to take voice lessons but think "what for"
  • want to do something nice, just for you

Benefits of singing include:

  • Increased confidence: the more you allow your voice to play, the more you will trust it
  • Healing: your voice carries every frequency in your body which makes it the most powerful instrument.
  • Release of feel good hormones that stimulate healing in the body
  • Support of our emotional well being
  • Connection of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy.
  • Promoting self-care


    No singing experience is needed

    We don’t have to memorize music - lyric sheets are provided. We are free to move around and feel the music and miss a note and forget the words. Knowing the songs or singing them well is not the point. Being “good” doesn't matter. Our emotional connection to the song is way more important. It is also the key to moving out of our head and into our bodies. 


    We sings songs that relate to the 5 Steps of Transformational Change: Appreciating the Present State (APS); Letting Go; Aligning (what you want with what you believe); Saying Yes to Self; Taking Empowered Action. Intentionally singing these songs can shift what needs to be shifted within us, with or without conscious awareness, and can move us from our present state to our desired state.


    We also explore the chakra vowels represented in each song: Uh (root) Ooo (Sacral/Sexuality/Creativity) Oh (Solar plexus) Ah (Heart) Eye (throat) Eh (3rd Eye - perception) Ee (Crown-Spiritual).


    YES, YOU CAN SING! come join us!

    Sound interesting? Questions? CONTACT me to find out more!


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