Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
— Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Hi & Welcome!

Creating and living a Scenic Route Life means I am slowing down to acknowledge and appreciate all that I have, instead focusing on everything I haven't done. Loving the shit out of my imperfect life, instead of trying to create a lacquered projection of perfection. I have a theory that the less busy I am, the less make work and productivity hacks I employ, the happier, healthier, and more "successful" I will be. This slower pace has already allowed new awarenesses and weekly "a-has". It's also givien me the space to figure out what really makes me happy.

Previously, my typical day would be scheduled to the minute with no breathing room. And I would lose my shit anytime something went wrong, broke, took too long, or didn't go as planned. Trying to "do it all" and more, and trying to create a "perfect life" made me and my family miserable. I forgot how to have fun. Caught up in my to-do's, getting things done, ticking off boxes, I lost my passion and pleasure for life.

My authentic pace is slow. 

This isn't a "how to" manual or a step-by-step formula (can we finally agree that these things don't work?!?!). It's a journey about what happens when I do the very thing we are told won't make us "successful". Choosing a different path than most of us have been told we have to take. An invitation to slow down, turn off the distractions, and wonder, "what would make me happy?" Less should's = less pressure. Bliss!



Here's a little about me in no particular order:

  • Human Sparkler, Word Nerd, Lyric Lover, Torch Diva, Movie Quote-r, Craft-a-holic, Fancy Pants

  • Sharing my experience as a Fire Element

  • Canadian (which means I can and will polite you to death)

  • imperfect, flawsome & un-cool-y earnest

  • will spontaneously break into song

  • fabric, yarn, hats, thrift shops & estate sates are my kryptonite

  • loves rain

  • Francophile & Anglophile

  • dramatic, exuberant, discerning, know what I want and not afraid to ask for it

  • big hair, a big laugh, and big emotions

  • mother to one 8 year old tornado

  • wife to the silliest and most patient man

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My professional background:

  • Master Certified Coach in the Transformational Coaching Method

  • Voice Coach and Professional Torch Singer (a blend of classic vocal jazz, blues, swing, Latin, & French songs)

  • 15 years experience coaching singers and speakers to feel confident, strengthen their voice, and love the stage.

  • Performed my Jazz & Blues inspired torch music at the Halifax Jazz Festival, and various venues throughout Canada, United States, & the UK. Featured on CBC Radio Atlantic Airways. Recorded 5 CD’s with different ensembles including two solo recordings of originals and jazz standards: Schveltism & Hopeful Romantic